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What are you missing?

In the evenings, I ‘m used to SF Giants Baseball. I miss it. And everything else I like. Brew pubs. Foodie Pop-ups. Impromptu gatherings. Sonorous crowds after work.

What are doing instead? Reading new or previously read books? Watching The Last Dance documentary about the Chicago Bulls last championship season? Could careless? Making sour dough bread is the rage, at least, from what I’ve read and heard on the radio.

I’m still adjusting to the social distancing. Maybe if we wore magnets that calibrated six feet distance between us, we’d repel from each other. Then again, I’d accidentally get too close. SMACK! Face to face. Strange Times.

How are you coping? Listening to music of years past? Not so past? I am. What are your fav tunes, genres, bands? Please do tell.

Stay Safe and Sane!


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