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SF Bay Area Real Estate Wealth Expo Oct 13 & 14 2018

Real Estate Wealth Expo

I’ve never attended this type of event. Heard of Tony Robbins, but I’m not an avid “celebrity” guy or apt to follow…anyone. Because of the real estate focus and networking opportunities, my partners and I attended the weekend expo.

Featured speakers were informative and intriguing depending on your personal and educational interests and hawked their services to anyone who would buy them.. Some at discounted prices. Tax Lien Properties by Stephen Johns was informative and educational. The monetary catch is tax liens are bought in large groups costing per Johns, a $ million or more. His service provides clients access to tax liens one culls from depending on how much one spends.

Tony Robbins is billed as a “peak performance expert.” Due to Alan Andrus’ extended sales pitch, Robbins came out at 3PM. As his story unfolded, a few knowledge nuggets surfaced. How we feel moment to moment (state of mind) influences how, when, what we do. What are our long term goals? Energy: how individually we use it, present it to others, and to ourselves. For example, Robbins unfurled the story of former American tennis star, Andre Agassi. An extended slump in the 1993 left Agassi searching for answers. “Go ahead. Do your thing,” a  reticent Agassi slumped in Robbin’s office chair. Robbins inserted a VHS tape, Agassi bounced his tennis ball resolutely before serving. “What were you thinking,” asked Robbins. “As I was staring at him. I knew I had him.” Robbins inserted another VHS tape. Shoulders slumped, Agassi walked slowly to the serve line. Robbins asked Agassi the same question. Paraphrased, “I didn’t want to be there.” Robbins re-energized Agassi to win several more titles though Agassi later went through another slump. Robbins talked about the Circle of Success: Potential>Action>Results>Belief/Certainty. Repeat. Robbins had everyone clapping, dancing, shouting..loudly and emphatically!

Wonder what his 3 1/2 day intensive is like?


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