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Home Renovations: All the Essential Considerations

by guest writer, Seth Murphy

Home renovations are a job and a half. Not only are they complex and time-consuming, but they also rarely go to plan – homeowners frequently find themselves overshooting their budget, missing deadlines, and landing up with problem contractors who make a mess of everything. Forbes Home offers some nightmare stories of renovations gone completely wrong if you’re curious.

Careful planning and preparation are essential to avoiding problems and ensuring your project goes smoothly. Here, Strong Bros Properties LLC walks you through the considerations you should be making before you begin renovating your home:

Do you need renovations?

Not every renovation is essential or future-proof. For instance, you may be tempted to add a swimming pool to your property right now, but are you going to make enough use of it? Furthermore, swimming pools require significant monthly maintenance, meaning you’ll have to spend time and energy looking after one – or pay someone to do it for you. You should carefully consider the pros and cons of every planned renovation before moving forward.

Budgeting can rein in the overspending

Budgeting is crucial. Good budgeting will help you pay for everything without breaking the bank. According to a Togal.AI report, across the United States, homeowners can expect to spend an average of $47,900 on renovations. Low-end projects cost $3,200 and high-end ones $160,000, with the standard range being $17,919. Experts recommend you spend only about 3 percent of a home’s total value on renovating a bedroom and up to 15 percent on the kitchen.

Understand the timeline and schedule accordingly

Renovations tend to be time-consuming. You can expect minor projects to take a few weeks, mid-range projects a few months, and major projects over a year. If you’re planning multiple projects – like plumbing, flooring, foundation repair, lighting, basement renovations, and home extensions – everything combined could take well over a year. Talk to your contractor for a clear, reliable estimate first.

Your living situation

Renovations are messy and disruptive. If you and your family are going to continue occupying the same house while they are happening, you’ll have to take special care to safeguard yourself and your possessions. Separate your living space from the work area and keep your kids away from the worksite. You may want to cover up your possessions or put the delicate and valuable stuff away in temporary storage for a while.

Adding a home office

If you’re adding a home office, you should plan it carefully for your comfort, work-life balance, and productivity. It can be hard to focus when you work from home. Making sure your office is located near natural light or allows plenty of natural light inside will help you stay sharp and productive. If the current natural light is an issue, you should invest in overhead lighting. Investing in ergonomic furniture can also help.

Hire capable contractors

Good contractors are worth their weight in gold. They should be able to help you with everything from the custom design of your renovations to the post-project cleaning and everything in between. You can find the best ones by checking reviews and reputations, asking for quotes, and conducting interviews. Look for the ones with solid communication skills and a good work ethic.

Pick professionals contractors who use estimating software

You can expect professional contractors to use estimating apps and software. This is useful because it makes your project go smoother, not to mention you can visualize the details better. Some examples are a cost estimating app, a design app, task management software, scheduling software, bookkeeping software, and specialized HVAC contractor software. Access to HVAC software allows contractors to easily create and send an estimate, accept online payments, and send out invoices on time.

Common scenarios: Renovating vs. buying new vs. renovating to sell

Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy new than it is to renovate your current house. Furthermore, if you are planning to renovate to sell, you may not realize much of a profit unless you plan things out carefully and have a good understanding of the local market. Talk to Strong Bros Properties LLC for targeted real estate advice, to purchase affordably, and sell high.


Make sure you plan things out carefully. Choose a good contractor, design your home office or other renovations with a professional’s assistance, schedule the work properly, keep your family safe, set a solid budget, and have realistic expectations for the best results.

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