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For Sale: 1649 Glenville Dr. San Jose CA

Starting June 22, 2020, videos and tours will be available for your viewing and offers. Top-rated schools in this family-oriented, quiet, Cambrian neighborhood is newly remodeled, feature-focused, welcoming home ...
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1570 W. Willow St. Stockton, CA

2020 is NOT what anyone expected. For SBP, Willow St. started well. Rehab went quickly and the usual little details caused a hiccup or two. Initially had a potential buyer within a week of listing. Once COVID-19 surfaced its vaporous tentacles, another buyer retracted their offer due a COVID-19 family ...
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SBP’s First Local Acquisition!

In late March 2020, SBP along with several partners bought 1649 Glenville Dr. San Jose, CA. Rehab started in earnest for a six week sprint with our trusted construction partners, Jose Andres and Gabriel Gonzales ...
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3140 Moon Ave. Before, During and Newly Minted!

Below are exterior photos when Moon Ave was bought by SBP and DMI. Notice the details that have changed: a back door was removed per third photo, The backyard was literally a jungle with six foot tall shrubs, intertwined vines and grasses run amok. (For slideshow, hover your mouse to ...
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Property Tour – Rehab Project, Country Club Area, Stockton CA, Part 2

Our first tour of 3140 Moon Ave. Stockton in June 22 was the beginning of the rehab process. Part Two covers the rehab middle portion from demo to construction-in-progress. This 1 1/2 hour tour reviews the flip process. Please bring your questions ...
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