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Jose Andres, AC Ventures

Jose Andres Testimonial

Jose Andres and his formed a joint venture with SBP for our first Silicon Valley project at 1649 Glenville Dr., San Jose. He and Gabriel Gonzalez (Project manager) stirred the Glenville Dr. project through a few bumps as per rehab projects go. Definitely will work Jose Andres Again! It's ...
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VR Tour: 1649 Glenville Dr. San Jose, Ca

Just Listed for Sale. Created and implemented by Ramsin Jacob, RE agent extraordinaire. Please subscribe to SBP and Ramsin Jacob's youtube channels for future updates. Stay Safe. Please Wear a Mask! ...
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Showing: 1649 Glenville Dr. San Jose CA 95124

Special thanks to partners, Jose Andres, Gabriel Gonzales, and crew for a gleaming renovation. Real estate agent, photography guru, Ramsin Jacob for his glistening photos and 3D virtual tour. And partner, Tom Fuerte for his Fire pit creation and backyard implementation. Please schedule a viewing. 1649 Glenville Dr. San Jose ...
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Details, Details. Learn. Adjust. Streamline

Staged on Wednesday July 1, 2020 by Jose Andres, 1649 Glenville Dr. San Jose, CA is nearly ready for buyers, their real estate agents, and lookie-loos. Since SBP's first fix n' flip in Gig Harbor, WA., each projects feels similar and different at the same time. General assessments of viability, ...
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Virtual Tour of 1649 Glenville Dr. San Jose, CA Saturday 6/27 @ 10AM

Hosted by Jose Andres/Central Valley Flippers along with investment partner SBP, this virtual tour details the acquiring, rehabbing, and selling a Silicon Valley property. SBP has fixed n' flipped several Central Valley properties. There are differences yet the execution is similar. The devil is in the details and if details ...
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