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Our First Projects

SBP’s First Fix & Flip @ 10121 Crescent Valley Rd. Gig Harbor, WA. Final sale and title transferred on January 29, 2018.

We’ve all had firsts. Whether it’s our first job, first romantic partner. First Flip. Out of state, even. SBP learned a lot! Several teaching moments and take aways. A changing housing market over months’ time affected our sale price. This coupled with sweat equity and on-the-job learning as Tom’s countless hours assessing and ordering construction equipment at Lowe’s became a familiar face.

Gleaming New Home
Entry Way Front Door
Dining Room
Living Room
Living Room near back yard
Kids Room

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SBP’s first property in California: The Central Valley piqued SBP’s interest as we networked with local real estate agents and landed 802 N. Pilgrim St. Stockton, CA.

Newly refurbished 802 N. Pilgrim St.
Living Room
Stairs to 2nd Floor
Living Room Back
Garage Back Stairs

802 N. Pilgrim St. Stockton, CA is officially listed For Sale on June 21, 2018, Summer Solstice!

Muchas Gracias to all involved (subcontractors, City of Stockton officials) especially our astute Contractor, Alex Arroyo and Miguel Arroyo, our listing agent. SBP started a joint venture with Demiurge Investments for this and other central valley properties. On late April 2018, work on 802 N. Pilgrim St. Stockton, CA property began in earnest.

Before renovation