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Even hotter, bigger, and less expensive

SBP has invested in several Central Valley homes. We cruised past Lathrop on Highway 205 on our way to Stockton and Lodi. As more people and families moved east, breweries and foodie places started unfolding. Anecdotal impressions surfaced as former Bay Areans wanted what they missed. Now, as news reports have verified, people didn’t move that far away, only to buy affordable homes and the life that entails.

River Islands at Lathrop has heavily advertised on various media for the last year or so. Not surprisingly people like it. Some more, some less yet affordable is the key word.

Would you move there? Are you considering it? Please explain why. And yes, it’s both a “hot market” and even hotter during the summer! On a personal level, I grew to like the central valley even in the heat. Stockton has a vintage charm to it, at least from my agricultural, small town perspective.

Stay Safe!

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