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Details, Details. Learn. Adjust. Streamline

Staged on Wednesday July 1, 2020 by Jose Andres, 1649 Glenville Dr. San Jose, CA is nearly ready for buyers, their real estate agents, and lookie-loos. Since SBP’s first fix n’ flip in Gig Harbor, WA., each projects feels similar and different at the same time. General assessments of viability, After Repaired Value (ARV), the current housing market, repair costs etc… fill the ledger sheet. Yet, each is different based on what is needed/projected for a potential buyer’s tastes and eventual signature. Evaluation, market statistics, comps provides the framework for a potential deal or not. Finding a reputable contractor/builder—even with good recommendations—has proven elusive. Pay attention to the acutest details because if you don’t, it will bite you in the wallet. Most, if not all, renovators have experienced this at some point in their real estate business. Par for course. If you haven’t, good. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Post project reviews are highly recommended.

Clear communication during the rehab process from all partners are key to address any potential issues and move forward to a successful home sale. SBP has organically found a reliable partner, Jose Andres, CEO of Alpha Capital Ventures, Inc., and Gabriel Gonzales, a knowledgeable, seasoned, construction estimator.

Fire Pit

Together along with their reliable construction crew and Tom’s elbow grease (see above) on the renovated backyard and fire pit are ready for the opening show!

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