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A million dollar Heart


Because of our world pandemic and lack of sport, my eyes turned to initially, KBO Baseball segue to Bundesliga then Premier League Football, La Liga, and Serie A. I even picked a Premier League team to root for based on Orange & Black colors that weren’t half bad. Kinda liked their nickname, Wolves and official team name, Wolverhampton Wanderers, 7th on the table of 20 teams, and in the playoffs playing a team I never heard of, Olympiakos F.C. (Greece) on 8/6.

The Reds as Liverpool are called won the Premier League Champions League title after a 30 year drought. I learned about individual players and how they play, and their coach Juergen Klopp. A lot of African footballers play in the top football leagues. Sadio Mané is from Senegal, a winger for The Reds, and grew up very poor. Scrolling through Linkedin one day, a post surfaced that I saved for this post.

What do think about his statements? His perspective on life? If inclined, please comment. Stay Safe!

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