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A favorite time of the week is Sunday.

SundayAt 8 is Hidden Brain, a thought provoking, under-the-radar mind-body connections podcast that explains, delves deeper into how we work as human beings. Beginning at 9 for two hours, To the Best of Our Knowledge explores a multitude of subjects and themes.

Today, a rebroadcast of genealogy about how our past relates to us today and beyond. One man discovered a new familial relationship in New Orleans that he never knew of.

It’s prompting me to discover who I am. Spit into a test tube and send if off, I will. I kind of know. I really want to know. How about you? Curious about your ancestors and your potentially scattered family ties?

Discovered last week, a new sports podcast by the Ringer called, Flying Coach with Steve Kerr & Pete Carroll. Their first podcast explores their beginnings as as well as philosophies as they developed to empathic, powerhouse coach and person. Check it out!

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